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The market outlook of LED display

Le 10 April 2015, 04:42 dans Humeurs 0

LED technology and device performance continues to improve, the rapid development of electronic technology, which brings a good foundation for the LED display technology to deepen and improve the product. Meanwhile LED display in all areas of social life has been widely used, the development of semiconductor lighting industry, LED display industry to bring more good opportunity, therefore, LED display market outlook is good. Deepen the technical content, rich product system, product diversification, highlight the advantages of the leading products will be an important trend in the LED display industry.

Publicize and implement the relevant standards and promotion, will promote the development of standardization LED display products. Conventional LED display products, standardized display devices, and control systems will be more widely adopted, the integration of LED display products in the industry will account for a major position, specialization standardized LED display products and technology services market will more apparent. In professional applications, LED display products to meet the needs of professional applications, will continue to enhance the professional level, combined with the application requirements of specialized products to develop new products and new applications LED display is formed.

With the development of technology and the market, China's LED display industry will gradually increase in the adjustment and a reasonable division of labor, the formation of a new industry structure. In the whole industry chain, LED devices and display production enterprises forming the backbone of enterprise products will redefine the downstream industry division, highlighted specialization and collaboration. Maybe in the early development of semiconductor lighting industry, the definition of specialization and collaboration LED device manufacturers and display products manufacturing enterprises rather vague, but with the expansion of the market and technology products mature, this will be more clearly defined.

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LED screen applications in several common areas

Le 22 January 2015, 09:45 dans Humeurs 0

With the development of science and technology and increasingly popular application range of the LED display, the amount of the manufacturers is also increasing. Here we have to analyze the applications of LED screen industry sectors, manufacturers from the source to the display to help more customers, radically improves your sales.

1. Advertising media
With unique advantages, LED display has gradually replaced traditional billboards and become a new force in the advertising industry. Traditional advertising can play pictures, and the LED display pictures, video, text, sound combination, and has a high resolution, high brightness, colorful, bright, modern design, with a vivid, simple and so on. Advertising LED displays the main application has a bustling street, shopping mall, Plaza, Park, building buildings, landmarks, stations, airports, etc.

2. Entertainment and culture
Stage, party, backgrounds are the most used LED large screen, it'll live broadcast and replays, and broke the seat limits, away from the stage, the audience can clearly see the performances on the stage, creating a magnificent, extremely contagious atmosphere, combined with high quality sound effects, giving a perfect audio-visual feast. Main application areas include evening concerts, events, theatre, theatre, TV, high-end entertainment.

displays led

3. Sports field
Slow motion replays became the referee made the right decision based on the audiences feel the game fairness, impartiality, and reduces unnecessary conflict. LED the football field fence are the main applications screen, Basketball Stadium LED funnel screens, LED screen swimming track and field Museum, as well as various sports wall or column of the venue.

4. Traffic guidance
Both sides of the busy street intersections or highway, build traffic guidance LED screens, these screens are generally controlled by the control centre, in combination with other traffic monitoring equipment, automatically displayed according to the road traffic flow or congestion information, choose the most optimal routes for travelers to consider. Also has a display of weather conditions, traffic regulations, alerting drivers to drive safely, and a signpost.

5. Creative LED screen in special places
Now basically every city has museums, science museums and other places, and the LED display and high-tech products are closely linked. Such as science museums globe, often using a spherical LED display, not only can dynamically display the Earth topography, but also demonstrates the evolution of the Earth's history, not only can play the role of a good education, but also can play a decorative effect, is a perfect work of art.

In addition to the above four areas of application, LED screens will also be used in many of the emerging market segment. Easter as innovator of LED display manufacturer in 2015, will continue to identify opportunities, develop niche, with reliable quality and differentiated products to win the market.